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What have you heard about apes? Is it how the flatness of our ribs make our rib cages broader? Our low center of gravity or broad chests? Or how our shoulders are the most mobile in the mammal kingdom? While all of these may be true, have you ever wondered why apes have hair instead of fur? Nails instead of claws? Presence of a thumb? Absence of a tail? A well-functioning brain? Does it ring a bell? I bet. All of these features were what the humans saw before they came visiting.

We were just another bunch of apes, in our tribes and shrewdnesses. Social as ever, welcoming to all. Would I say we were living the dream life on our lost island, eating and drinking all we wanted? Well, that was until one of us, the chimpanzee sighted an incoming boat– the arrival that changed our lives– which we would later discover to be instagram models, photographers, celebrities, humans. The gibbon in her usual way quickly received them all.

They brought colorful rocks, wrapped in weirdly strange leaves which tasted like fruit. Only they were not fruit. For whatever those rocks could have been, I still cannot comprehend such power they had in them.

The tiny, colorful rocks we ate accelerated our evolution by a few million years. Suddenly, the bizarre, random sounds these humans danced to, began to make sense to us and we were caught in a trance.

We, who were just apes (yes, we know) before the pleasure-seekers arrived had now attained a new level of sentience. We began to think, feel, and smell like them. In another snap of a finger, we were quickly provided gear such as jackets, headphones, beanie hats, disk drives, microphones, etc.

That once lost island is now called ApeVille. We still get to eat as many bananas. Food is abundant and so is friendship and companionship. The humans visit often, bringing with them more rocks, cameras, headphones, music and even more recently, podcasts.

They didn’t take away our values, they just found a way to help us appreciate it better. Now we’re like humans. We listen to music, chill with celebrities, pose for the magazine covers, and just enjoy the vibes. We are Vibin’ Apes!


Q3, 2022

The launch of the Vibin’ Ape Society NFT collection will precede some of the best utility in the space. This will enable holders to enjoy continuous benefits for a long time

The team is working around the clock to ensure each launch goes according to plan.

$VBD tokens will initially be airdropped to holders of Vibin’ Ape Society NFTs and a limited supply will be available to trade on exchanges.

After this, $VBD tokens will only be earned on the Vibed streaming app.

Q4, 2022
Q1, 2023

Vibed is the first app to pay users when they stream music .With each stream, a user earns points, which can be converted to $VBD tokens at any point of their choosing.

$VBD tokens can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or converted to fiat via exchanges.



Chris (Melhor) - Founder

Founder, starter of things. The Pioneer as he is popularly known, decided to live up to his name by building Vibin’ Ape.


Jasper - Co-founder

Co-founder, “Everything is possible” guyJasper has been in the industry for more than 5 years and his expertise was key in making Vibin’ Ape a reality. A born leader, he is the glue for the team.


Reeds - Project Manager

All positives, no negatives! Project Manager and Coordinator of things in ApeVille, he can be best described as an everything guy. Jack of all trades, master of as many. Needless to say, Zini is a Hypemaster!


Josh- Artist

Degenerate up to the art! Josh finds solace in contributing his love for art to the blockchain. As the creative director and designer of things here at Vibin’ Ape, his experience is evident with every Ape there ever will be. Indeed, the art is for the artist, and the rest.


Sand- Developer

With a more poetic approach, Sand is an epitome of how Web3 projects should be built— from the marrow. Apart from being an Investor and early Stakeholder of the Ethereum blockchain, Sand is a fastidious person who seeks to understand every detail up to why a tree stands. Or may just be an actual “sand” afterall.


Son - Developer

Not the son of man but the son of an Ape! Here’s an ApeDev, and Builder of sustainable things. Despite being calm and reserved, with Son, anything can be brought to life.


Yes, we can.

Well, some of us can. But someone needs to tell Booster he’s no Adele

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Yes, the Alphas call the shots

Holding a Vibin' Ape Society NFT automatically makes you a shareholder in Vibed. A portion of profits will be shared quarterly with all holders.